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CHAPS Alumni

Class of 2016

Kayla Schweitzer
Since graduation: Appointed as the Heritage & Traditional Arts coordinator at the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.


Class of 2015

Victoria Chrisholm
Graduated: May 2015
Thesis: Preventatite Conservation and Disaster Management Planning in Cultural Institutions

Nicholas J. Cuozzo

Graduated: May 2015
Thesis: The Florentine House of Medici (1389-1743): Politics, Patronage, and the Use of Cultural Heritage in Shaping the Renaissance

Class of 2014

Catherine Aust
Graduated: 2014
Thesis: Be Proud: The Recognition and Preservation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Cultural Heritage in the United States

Stephanie Liff
Graduated: October 2014
Thesis: Collection Management: Policy, Process, and Sustainable Development
Since Graduation: Stephanie is currently working as Accession Technician, Office of the Registrar, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lauren Moulder
Graduated: 2014
Thesis: Socio-Economic Trends of the World Heritage List: How the Relationship Between Developed and Developing Countries is Affecting the Future of the World Heritage Program

Susanna Polihros
Graduated: 2014

Allison Richard
Graduated: 2014
Thesis: Future Directions in Small Town Preservation: Incorporating Social Value Assessment in Revitalizing "Main Street"


Class of 2013

Todd Adams
Graduated: 2013
Thesis: Developing a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Palazzo Imperiale at Ostia Antica, Italy

Tiffany M. Lowe
Graduated: October 2013
Thesis: Cultural Heritage as a Tool For Development and Diplomacy: Examining Further Uses of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage-Based Socioeconomic Development Programs for Women

Michele Racioppi
Graduated: May 2013
Thesis: The Preservation of American Youth Summer Camps

Laura Rossi
Graduated: January 2013
Thesis: The Politics of Selective Preservation: a Study of Causes and Consequences of Cultural Heritage Destruction during Peace. The Cases of Afghanistan and Libya.


Victoria Sheridan
Graduated: May 2013
Thesis: Keep the Memory Alive: Impermanent Acts of Memorialization
Since Graduation: Victoria Sheridan completed her CHAPS masters degree in the spring of 2013. After graduation she interned at the September 11 Memorial Museum and the New-York Historical Society. Currently she is an Edward I. Koch fellow with the Historic House Trust of New York City's LatimerNOW project and works part-time as a volunteer coordinator for OrigamiUSA, a partner of the American Museum of Natural History. In her free time she refines her fiction-writing skills, with the intent to seek publication in the near future.


Zoe Watnik
Graduated: May 2013
Thesis: Rebuilding the Past: A Critical Examination of International and U.S. Frameworks Guiding the Reconstruction of Historic Properties

Adi Sela Wiener
Graduated: May 2013
Thesis: The Historic Towns and Town Centres Concept and the UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape: Is it a Natural Continuum or Have We Gone Too Far?


Class of 2012

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Eleni M. Caravanos
Graduated: 2012
Thesis: Cultural Landscape Preservation in United States National Parks: Analysis and Recommendations for U.S. Cultural Landscapes Eligible for Nomination to UNESCO
Since Graduation: In 2012, Eleni Caravanos graduated with honors from Rutgers University with an M.A. in CHAPS. Her studies focused on Cultural Landscape preservation in United States National Parks. After graduating with her M.A., Eleni spent some time traveling to different National Parks in the United States, South America, and Europe. When she returned she worked for the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, aiding in the setup and take down of exhibitions. While living in Washington DC, she and her husband began an outdoor adventure company, focusing on providing safe day hikes, weekend trips or extended adventures, for people to better understand the parks and landscapes around the area and how to preserve it. In 2014 Smalley Adventure Company was brought back to New Jersey, and continues to run on weekends, with hikes and weekend trips taking people out into the wilderness of the tri-state area and teaching them about the history of the land and how we can move forward preserving it. Eleni began working as a Development Assistant for Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 2014 and continues to run Smalley Adventure Company on the side. Since returning to Rutgers University, Eleni is now considering getting a PhD in CHAPS, specializing in the preservation of cultural landscapes, through her Alma Matter.

Stephanie A. (Johnson) Cunningham
Graduated: May 2012
Thesis: Preservation of the Slave Sites on West Africa's Coast: An Analysis of how the Atrocities of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade are Remembered

Alyssa Cathleen Hagen
Graduated: 2012
Thesis: The Efficacy of the Association of Art Museum Directors' Online Antiquities Registry

Randi Ragsdale
Graduated: May 2012
Thesis: Must be Treated with Respect: Evolving Ethics and Curation of Pre-Colombian Human Remains


Class of 2011

Catherine Boland
Graduated: October 2011
Thesis: Final Departure?  Adaptive Use of American Railroad Stations

Nicole DeAugustine
Graduated: May 2011
Thesis: Different Collections, Different Values? The Role of Provenance in Gifts From the Ancestors: Ancient Ivories of Bering Strait

Lauren Kane
Graduated: May 2011
Thesis: Rebuilding to Remember, Rebuilding to Forget: The Tangible and Intangible Afterlife of Architectural Heritage Destroyed by Acts of War

Leigh-Ayna Passamano 
Graduated: May 2011
Thesis: Witnesses of Atrocity and the Preservation of Memory: An Analysis of and Recommendations for the Relationship between Memorial Museums and Survivors

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