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Current Students


Lisa Singleton Boudiette is a current CHAPS M.A. student.


Niall Conway is a current CHAPS M.A. student. He received his B.A. in Anthropology from William Paterson University in New Jersey. In his senior year he attended the SHARP archaeological field school in Sedgeford, England, participating in the excavation of a Late Saxon burial site. On graduating he pursued a career in archaeology working for several Cultural Resource Management companies on archaeological phases I, II, and III in New England, Middle Atlantic and South Atlantic regions. In 2007, Niall served in the Peace Corps, stationed in a small village of the Upper West region of Ghana, West Africa for three years. He learnt about the struggles of development and the strengths of a community.  Prior to the CHAPS Program he worked for Crozier Fine Arts, learning the techniques of transporting and storage of Fine and Decorative Arts, in their Manhattan and Newark facilities.


Joëlla van Donkersgoed has a BA and MA in Archaeological Heritage Management from Leiden University (The Netherlands) and is currently enrolled as PhD student in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies at the Department of Art History at Rutgers University. She is currently working on a project to enlist the Banda Islands (Indonesia) on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a mixed site. The Banda Islands also form the case study for her dissertation research, in which she will explore the physical and intangible fabric that make up this unique cultural landscape.

 melissa fore

Melissa Fore is a first year student in the JD/MA program.  She earned her BA from Oberlin College with a dual degree in Archaeology and Art History.  She has worked for the past four summers on an excavation in the Abruzzo region of Italy. She is interested in International, Museum, and Cultural Heritage Law, particularly in how they apply to the protection of archaeological sites, looting, and illegal trafficking of art objects.


Darcy Riley is a current CHAPS M.A. student.


Evan Robinson received his BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. His interests are in archaeology and cultural resource management. He has worked on archaeological excavations in both Peru and the United States. In the summer 2015 he was a Cultural Resource Management intern for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation working with the CRGIS program.


Donna Serbe-Davisis a current CHAPS PhD. student.


Crysta Sotirhos is a current CHAPS M.A. student. She received a dual B.A. in Art History and English Literature from Rutgers University in 2014. Her current interests pertain to sacred natural landscapes, negative heritage, and contested places. In the past, she has interned at Mark Alan Hewitt Architects and Christie's New York. She currently works as a Historic Preservation Specialist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at the New Jersey Sandy Recovery Field Office. 


Hangrui Wan is a first year CHAPS MA candidate who comes from China. He took part in the exhibition planning work for Hanpingling imperial mausoleum and did preservation work for Meizhou Mazu Temple in China. His interests concentrate on public heritages plan in cities, and the relationship between urban development and the preservation of sites and monuments. 


Layah Zaii-Bigdeli is an aspiring Iranian archaeologist and art historian. I have earned a B.A. in Art History and archaeology with a concentration acient Near Eastern antiquities at Columbia University. Currently , I am pursuing my M.A. in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies with an emphasis on Islamic art. In addition to my academic experience, I have practical experience in the field of archaeology; in 2013, I participated in Prastio-Mesorotsos Archaeological Expedition in Cyprus where I gained a greater understanding of field archaeology as well as excavation principles and challenges.  My post-graduation goal is to undertake a doctoral specializing in Persian and Middle Eastern antiquities while becoming an integral part of the art community. I am currently assisting SAFE program to add pages for Iran and Afghanistan


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