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group_parthenon The CHAPS study abroad program in Athens offered invaluable learning and life experiences.  We toured Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Delos, experiencing the local culture and exploring heritage issues at each location.  The internship program allowed us to put what we were learning into practice.  As an intern at the Museum of Cycladic Art, I worked together with another student to create a touch-screen exhibition on the Stathatos Mansion, a nineteenth-century Neoclassical building in which the museum is housed.  This project allowed me to explore my own intellectual interests while gaining professional experience in the preservation field.” - Catherine Boland, CHAPS 2011


The six-week study abroad experience in Greece gave me the opportunity to explore cultural heritage concerns on an international level. Rather than looking at PowerPoint slides, we moved outside of the classroom to visit the actual monuments, sites, and issues under consideration, like the Parthenon and the presence/absences of Ottoman architecture in both Athens and Thessaloniki. The experience showed us how cultural heritage was handled in Greece, facilitating much debate and comparison to situations in the United States, such as landmark designation and site maintenance. In addition, the program’s internship component exposed us to how international cultural institutions and museums operate, allowing us to gain more experience working in our desired fields. Overall, the program was a great way to encounter cultural heritage outside of the United States, revealing the different concerns and issues that arise on an international scale and how Greece especially mitigated these concerns.Nicole DeAugustine, CHAPS 2011


"Athens was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.  Our instructor and intrepid tour guide, Ann Brysbaert, led us through Greek history all the way from the Mycenaean era up through Greek independence and World War II - visiting the major stops as well as a lot of interesting and less-traveled sites. I found the underground Vergina museum facinating.  We did independent research based on our own spheres of interest and I got a fantastic start on my master's thesis."Alyssa Hagen, CHAPS 2012

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