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Current Lecturers

List of Current Lecturers

Brian Daniels, CHAPS lecturer

Program Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania Cultural Heritage Center; Research Associate, Institutional History Division, Smithsonian Institution

  • PhD candidate in Anthropology and History, University of Pennsylvania
  • Publications: Heritage Matters: Museums and Identity in a Global World (Princeton University Press, under contract for 2009)
  • Course: Seminar in Global Cultural Heritage (Fall 2015)
  • (CAC, T 4:30-7:30, Art Library Seminar room, Daniels, Index 05361)
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Mark Hewitt, FAIA, CHAPS lecturer

  • Principal Architect, Mark Alan Hewitt Architects; formerly Associate Professor of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Research Interests: American Architecture, 1880-1940; country houses and domestic architecture, history of architectural drawing and design, early 20th century American architects
  • Course: Architectural Conservation: A Sustainable Approach (Fall 2015)
  • (CAC, W23, 9:50am-12:50pm, VH104, Hewitt, Index 09262)

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Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer, Assistant Director CHAPS

  • Principal/Senior Archeologist, Archeological Survey and Historic Preservation Consulting; Trustee and Secretary, Frederica de Laguna Northern Books; Part-Time Instructor, Anthropology Department, Rutgers University
  • PhD, Brown University
  • Research Interests: Historical Archaeology; Cultural Resource Management; Native North American ethnography and archaeology; Circumpolar ethnography and archaeology; Museology and Material Culture Studies; Ethnohistory; European Archaeology (Bronze Age - Early Medieval); Archaeological Conservation; Archaeology of Gender, Ethnicity, and Colonialism; Public Archaeology; Heritage and Tourism; Anthropological and Archaeological Ethics; Anthropology/Archaeology of Death
  • Course: Cemeteries, Monuments, and Memorials: Cultural Heritage and Remembering the Dead (Fall 2015) & Seminar in Global Cultural Heritage (Fall 2015)
  • (CAC, W6&7, 4:30-7:30pm, VH001, Woodhouse-Beyer, Index #13243) & (CAC, W 1:00-3:40, VH001, Woodhouse-Beyer, Index 08746)

Andy Urban, Assistant Professor; Department of American Studies

  • PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Research Interest: His research explores the recruitment and contract of African Americans, Asian immigrants, and European immigrants as domestic servants, and how immigration policies and laws concerning the freedom of mobility supplied laborers for an occupation that was stigmatized in the minds of native-born, white Americans. In addition to his work on immigration, race, gender, and labor, his research and teaching interests also include public and legal history, and the cultural history of American landscapes and institutions.
  • Course: Public Histories of Detention and Mass Incarceration (Fall 2015)
  • (C/D, Mondays, 12:35-3:35pm, RAB018, Urban, Index 16828)
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