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Past Lecturers

List of Previous Lecturers

Ian Burrow, Vice President, Shareholder and Principal Archaeologist, Hunter Research Inc.

  • Publications: Review of Paul Everilll, "the Invisible Diggers: A Study of British Commerical Archaeology", Antiquity forthcoming 2010; "The Historical Geography and Archaeology of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey" in New Jersey in the American Revolution edited by Barbara J. Mitnick, Rutgers University Press, 2005.
  • Course: Studies in CHAPS: Archaeology and Historic Preservation (Spring 2011)

Ann Brysbaert, Honorary Lecturer, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

  • PhD, University of Glasgow
  • Research Interests: material culture, craft, specialisation and ancient techologies, cross-craft interactions and production processes and how these influence the socio-economical and political interactions of people in pre-industrial societies, as well as the formation, negotiation and performance of people's multiple dynamic identities
  • Courses Taught: Preserving the Past for the Future: Athens 2010 and Beyond (Summer 2010 and Summer 2011)

Meredith Arms Bzdak, Senior Associate, Architectural Historian, Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects, LLC

  • PhD, Rutgers University
  • Research Interests: American Art and Architecture, 1650-1950
  • Course Taught: The Modern City (Spring 2010)

Christine Miller Cruiess, Project Manager in Architectural History and Conservation, CHRS, Inc.

  • MS in Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania
  • Research Interests: Emphasis on conservation of architectural materials, condition assessment methodology, and technological applications in documentation; developed knowledge in architectural history and archival and site documentation
  • Courses Taught: Studio in Preservation: The Cemetery at First Reformed Church, New Brunswick, NJ (Spring 2010 and Summer 2010)

Brian Daniels, Program Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania Cultural Heritage Center; Research Associate, Institutional History Division, Smithsonian Institution

  • PhD candidate in Anthropology and History, University of Pennsylvania
  • Publications: Heritage Matters: Museums and Identity in a Global World (Princeton University Press, under contract for 2009)
  • Courses Taught: Topics in Historic Preservation: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Contested Cultural Heritage (Spring 2010); Heritage in the Public Sphere (Spring 2011)

Erin Hasinof, BGC-AMNH Postdoctoral Fellow in Museum Anthropology, Bard Graduate Cente

  • PhD, Columbia University
  • Research Interests: history and theory of museum anthropology, collecting, colonialism, material cultures studies, anthropology of religion, biography, and the cultural heritage of Burma (Myanmar)
  • Course: Studies in CHAPS: Cultures on Display: Museums, Heritage and Representation (Fall 2009)

Mark Hewitt, Principal Architect, Mark Alan Hewitt Architects; formerly Associate Professor of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Research Interests: American Architecture, 1880-1940; country houses and domestic architecture, history of architectural drawing and design, early 20th century American architects
  • Course: Architectural Conservation: A Sustainable View (Fall 2010)

Cynthia Jacob, Senior Counsel, Fisher & Phillips, LLC

  • JD, Yale University; PhD candidate in Art History, Rutgers University
  • Research Interests: Ancient Art
  • Course: Law, Public Policy and Ethics of Cultural Heritage Preservation (Fall 2010)

Catherine Myers

  • MS at the Graduate Program Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania
  • Courses Taught: Materials Conservation

Barbara Listokin

  • PhD, Rutgers University
  • Course: Historic Preservation Studio: Architecture, History, Programs and Policy
  • Courses Taught: Historic Preservation Studio: Architecture, History, Programs and Policy (Spring 2010 & 2011)

David Listokin, Co-Director, Center for Urban Policy Research of Rutgers University and Professor, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University

  • PhD, Rutgers University
  • Research Interests: community and fiscal impact analysis, housing policy, land-use regulation, and historic preservation
  • Courses Taught: Historic Preservation Studio: Architecture, History, Programs and Policy (Spring 2010 & Spring 2011)

Frank J. Popper
, Professor, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University

  • PhD, Harvard University
  • Research Interests: land-use planning, regional planning, environmental history, natural resource planning, the Great Plains, the American West, the American South, planning for population decline
  • Course Taught: Planning Rural Decline: Mapping the Buffalo Commons (Spring 2011)

Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer, Principal/Senior Archeologist, Archeological Survey and Historic Preservation Consulting; Trustee and Secretary, Frederica de Laguna Northern Books; Part-Time Instructor, Anthropology Department, Rutgers University

  • PhD, Brown University
  • Research Interests: Historical Archaeology; Cultural Resource Management; Native North American ethnography and archaeology; Circumpolar ethnography and archaeology; Museology and Material Culture Studies; Ethnohistory; European Archaeology (Bronze Age - Early Medieval); Archaeological Conservation; Archaeology of Gender, Ethnicity, and Colonialism; Public Archaeology; Heritage and Tourism; Anthropological and Archaeological Ethics; Anthropology/Archaeology of Death
  • Courses Taught: Native American Art, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Preservation (Spring 2010); Cultural Resource Management (Fall 2010) Re/claiming the Past: Communities, Material Culture and Cultural Heritage (Spring 2011)

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