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unesco logo enCHAPS is pleased to announce the finalization of a five year, renewable Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO, with the goal of working in a spirit of cooperation to reinforce links between our institutions through joint research and academic staff and graduate student development.
Working in partnership with UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, we will collaborate in areas that include: collaborative research projects; exchange of graduate and postgraduate students; students grant programs, summer programs, operational workshops; academic exchanges or development programs between universities, including study visits at UNESCO; events and activities such as exhibitions, itinerant exhibitions, and conferences, as well as organization of national, regional or international meetings; collaboration on planning, design and management issues associated with preservation of the built environment, cultural and historic urban landscapes, and the art and artifacts that constitute our cultural heritage.

More specifically, CHAPS will collaborate with WHC in the following areas:

o serve as a center for education, research, and scholarship in Cultural Heritage Preservation through courses, internship projects, and directed research.

o address WHC priority topics including the impact of World Heritage listing; new initiatives for the conservation of historic urban centers (HULs); concepts of authenticity and integrity in preservation and conservation; effects of climate change on preservation of the monuments, art and artifacts; roles of diverse communities and human rights in developing; managing and sustaining historic sites, monuments, artifacts and art; war, ethnic conflict and destruction and strategies for preserving cultural heritage in the 21st Century.

o partner with the World Heritage Centre to identify internship, research, and training opportunities for students to contribute to World Heritage.

o link heritage professionals and academics to promote interdisciplinary dialogue through symposia and/or “young scholar” workshops that address current issues in Global Cultural Heritage Preservation.

o publish the papers from Rutgers’ 2012 international conference Cultural Landscapes: Preservation Challenges in the 21st Century, as a volume in the Routledge Press series Key Issues in Cultural Heritage under the title Conserving Cultural Landscapes: Challenges and New Directions.

o Cengage a broader public in discussions of the meaning and impact of World Heritage listing, the concept on outstanding universal value, and the role of communities in sustaining these sites through promotion of workshops, public lectures and community outreach.

Education, Research, Scholarship

o CHAPS will offer a range of advanced courses, seminars and studios in collaboration with departments and schools on campus that examine issues and stimulate research within the field of cultural heritage preservation Studies, including topics on the World Heritage priorities list

o CHAPS will offer international summer programs in Cultural Heritage Preservation based in Prague/Krakow in 2013 and 2014.

o CHAPS Abroad: Prague and Krakow will provide a comparative study of two cities whose historic centers are inscribed on the World Heritage List (Krakow 1978; Prague 1992). It combines a seminar that examines the impact of World Heritage listing, rapid economic development, tourism and climate change with internships in cultural institutions and agencies devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage.

o Rutgers will coordinate with its UNESCO partner, World Heritage Centre, to facilitate the exchange of research, scholarship, technical expertise, and student training and internships in Cultural Heritage Preservation issues related to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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