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Summer or Fall Internship: Proprietary House‏

PROPRIETARY HOUSE: Summer Internships

Contact: Lisa Nanton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Term: Summer 2015

Type: VAP

Location: Perth Amboy, NJ

Perth Amboy has two internships open at the Proprietary House, the last Royal Governor's Mansion before the US was formed, where artists are researching the murals and original artwork. They are also re-creating and restoring 300 year old paintings and murals.

Interns will assist supervising professional artists and historians. Internship openings will be available in Fall 2015 as well.

Those interested should contact Lisa Nanton of the Perth Amboy Arts Council, as listed above.

Summer 2015 Internships at 9/11 Memorial Museum‏

The Exhibitions Department at the 9/11 Memorial Museum is pleased to offer summer internships again this year, either as paid interns or for-credit as part of their academic program. The program offers students the opportunity to develop practical skills in the non-profit institution that is responsible for operating the 9/11 Memorial and the 9/11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center site.

Throughout the 10-week program, each intern works under the supervision of a staff member in a specific department. Each intern has particular responsibilities and tasks that will contribute to the realization of the mission of the Memorial and the Museum. Interns will receive routine and instructive feedback on their work, and have the opportunity to participate in mission-related activities.

Internships will be offered in the areas of:

  • Exhibition Intern
  • Exhibition Media Intern
  • Memorial Exhibition Intern

Internship duration will be 10 weeks, from June 8 through August 14, 2015.

To apply, applicants should please send a resume and cover letter stating their interests and skills by April 17, 2015 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Applicants should please indicate the specific internship title to which they are applying in the subject field of their email. Applicants may apply to more than one internship.


Apprentice Position

Heritage Apprentice at USFS Land Between The Lakes in Western KY/TN

Land Between The Lakes (LBL) is a 170,000-acre National Recreation Area located in western Kentucky and Tennessee.  Administered by the US Forest Service, the primary goals of LBL are environmental education and recreation, quality customer service delivery, and multiple use management sustainability. 

Apprentice positions are designed for college graduates who desire a well-rounded experience with cultural resource management: heritage and compliance program planning and implementation, fieldwork, laboratory analysis, archival research, data management, and interdisciplinary team experience in resource and project management.  

New Feature: Our apprentice program is now part of the Public Lands Corps and as such, the apprentice gains federal agency non-competitive hiring status for 120 days following successful completion of the required time in service.   


The goals of the apprentice program are to: (1) Provide quality training and practical experience for individuals in a wide range of heritage resource management duties; (2) Introduce apprentices to the operational procedures of a Federal agency; (3) Provide experiences in heritage resource management in an interdisciplinary workforce for the diverse customers who use LBL. 

Skill Development

Apprentices will have the opportunity to participate in all areas of heritage resource management.  You will be introduced to and develop skills in:  program and project planning and implementation, NEPA and Section 106 compliance processes, public education and outreach, site protection and preservation, fieldwork, site recording, GIS, GPS, mapping, ground penetrating radar (GPR), data management, laboratory work, artifact analysis and accessioning, assistance with interdisciplinary project teams, report writing, and research. 

Requirements and Benefits 

  1. Possess a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, archaeology or cultural resources or equivalent experience.
  2. Professional work experience desirable.
  3. Ability and enthusiasm for working with a variety of people in the out-of-doors.
  4. Varied duties and work schedule, including weekends and evenings.
  5. Weekly subsistence allowance of $200.00 (Non-Taxed).  Free on-site government housing and utilities included. 
  6. Lasts up to 1 year.
  7. 120 day non-competitive hiring status after completion of apprenticeship


Please send resume, cv, or submit questions to:

Agency Contact:  Jamie Bennett, Heritage Program Manager (270) 924-2015, US Forest Service, Land Between The Lakes, 100 Van Morgan Drive, Golden Pond, Kentucky 42211

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Forum UNESCO Awards, Prizes, Competitions and Job Offers

Awards, Prizes, Fellowships, Competitions and Job Offers

Awards & Prix

Awards - IHBC Student Award 2013: results – 1 winner, 3 commended!
The judge for the 2013 IHBC Annual Gus Astley Student Awards, Jeremy Musson, architectural historian and writer, has selected
Sebastian Fry as the winner, for a thesis presented to the IHBC-recognised conservation course at the Architectural Association,
a work Musson describes as an ‘impressively wide-ranging study’ into Knight Hospitaller commanderies and associated parish
Three other submissions have been selected for commendation by Musson, all also made to courses fully recognised by the
- Yuk Hong Ian Tan, University of Edinburgh, on bridges in Singapore
- Tim Lewis, Birmingham University, on a case study around post-War social housing
- Lauren Ayers, Oxford Brookes University, on the conservation of the Edwardian terrace house.
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2014 World Monuments Fund / Knoll Modernism Prize - Deadline: 30 June 2014
World Monuments Fund invites you to submit a nomination for the 2014 World Monuments Fund/Knoll
Modernism Prize. The prize will be awarded this fall to a design professional or firm in recognition of innovative
solutions that preserved and saved a modern landmark at risk. Nominated projects must have been completed in
the past five years.
The World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize recognizes heroic efforts that preserve our modern heritage.
Submissions for projects that have enhanced a site's architectural, functional, economic, and environmental
sustainability while also benefiting the community are encouraged.
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Premio Cossío, 2014. Patrimonio Histórico Educativo - Fecha límite: 30 abril 2014
La Sociedad Española para el Estudio del Patrimonio Histórico-Educativo (S.E.P.H.E), con la colaboración del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural
de España, convoca el PREMIO MANUEL BARTOLOMÉ COSSÍO, dirigido a impulsar y valorar las iniciativas y trabajos que -desde la
dedicación a ese ámbito- concurran al desarrollo de la que constituye su fundamental finalidad: la protección, conservación, estudio e
investigación del patrimonio histórico-educativo, así como la promoción de acciones que estimulen tales tareas.
Plazo de presentación de solicitudes: 30 de abril de 2014.
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Posted by FUUH member: Álvarez Domínguez, Pablo (España / Spain / Espagne)


Sally Boasberg Founder's Fellowship Accepting Applications for 2014 - Deadline 31 March 2014
In 2012, The Cultural Landscape Foundation established the Sally Boasberg Founder’s Fellowship to honor TCLF founding
Co-Chairman Sally Boasberg's commitment to TCLF and to memorialize her dedication to landscape education and
stewardship. Her wisdom and passion shaped the foundation from its inception, and the Founder’s Fellowship supports an
internship program for students and aspiring professionals to perpetuate her vision and ideals.
The Fellowship runs for 8-12 weeks during the summer, with flexible start and end dates, working in TCLF’s Washington, DC
office. Applications for the program are accepted from January to March 31st each year, with phone interviews and decisions
made in April. The position is paid and includes housing in the Boasberg home in Northwest Washington, DC.
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Fellowships - 2014 PhD Studentships: Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services
This project is an opportunity to produce new collaborative research on how and in what ways tourism, leisure and recreation activities can be a
catalyst for improving human health and wellbeing by using in a symbiotic and sustainable way natural resources and services provided by
ecosystems, as well as exploring the challenges of (e)valuation of such services.
The provision of ecosystem-based cultural services (which include recreation) and their role in supporting key constituents of wellbeing, such
as improved physical and mental health, are some of the least understood aspects of the ecosystem services research agenda…
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Advanced Training Fellowships in Ethnographic and Archaeological Object and Textile Conservation - Deadline: 15
March 2014
The NMAI’s Conservation Laboratory, located at the museum’s Cultural Resources Center in Suitland, Maryland (metro D.C.
area), is the primary work site and is accessible by metro or Smithsonian Employee Shuttle. Fellowships are for one year with a
possible renewal of a second year. Fellowships commence in the fall (September or October) and include a stipend and funds
for travel and research, plus health insurance. Candidates with the best qualifications will be those who are pursuing a career in
the conservation of material culture of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America. Applicants should have a
proven record of research, writing ability, and proficient English language skills (written and spoken)…
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"FILMER SA RECHERCHE" Date limite: 10 mars 2014
Le Festival du Film de Chercheur est organisé par le CNRS et l’Université de Lorraine.
Le concours « Filmer sa recherche » se fonde sur la philosophie du Festival qui est la suivante : «
Faire connaître et comprendre la démarche du chercheur »
Mettre en avant et faire connaître les films qui montrent les personnels des laboratoires dans le
quotidien de leur recherche. La spécificité du Festival du Film de Chercheur est donc de présenter la
science en train de se faire, en privilégiant les aspects humains et les impacts sociétaux de cette
création. Ce Festival se préoccupe des films qui ont un lien direct avec la recherche et les chercheurs qu’ils soient les réalisateurs, les
producteurs ou les partenaires dans les opérations de production/réalisation.
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Modalités de candidature au Prix SF2A HP-AMD - Date limite : 3 mars 2014
La SF2A poursuit sa tradition, établie depuis 1986, d’attribuer un Prix qui récompense chaque année un(e) jeune chercheur(se) âgé(e) de 36
ans au plus, reconnu(e) internationalement, dont les travaux scientifiques ont été remarqués pour leur qualité et leur originalité et dont
l’implication au service de la communauté astronomique est reconnue de tous.
Cette année et comme tous les deux ans, deux prix seront attribués, à un(e) chercheur(se) et à un(e) enseignant(e)-chercheur(se).
Les candidatures féminines, peu nombreuses les années précédentes, sont particulièrement encouragées. Les conditions d’obtention que nous
rappelons ci-dessous peuvent aussi être consultées sur le site web.
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Competition - Winning Submissions Envision Gateway for Abandoned Railway in Queens - New York State
The Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) committee of the AIA New York Chapter has announced the winners of
its 2014 biennial design ideas competition, QueensWay Connection: Elevating the Public Realm. In an effort to
imagine the ways in which The Trust for Public Land and Friends of the Queensway could transform an abandoned
railway in Central Queens into a vibrant urban greenway, entrants were challenged to design a vertical gateway for
the elevated viaduct portion of a 3.5 mile stretch along the rail.
Of the 120 submitted proposals from 28 countries, the jury selected the following winners to represent the diverse array of ideas generated…
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Job Offers

The European Commission needs experts
Following the publication of the first calls under the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon
2020, the European Commission needs experts to evaluate the first Horizon 2020 proposals, including in the fields of
humanities, social sciences and cultural heritage.
Assignments mainly concern research and innovation, falling within the Horizon 2020 programme designed to address the
challenges Europe is facing through funding excellent science, technology and innovation.
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Posted by FUUH member: Pla Oset, Sofia (España / Spain / Espagne)

Research position in geomorphology and geoarchaeology at University of Lorraine - France
Le MCF recruté devra assurer son service à tous les niveaux en Licence et en Master. Son enseignement sera effectué en géographie
physique, en particulier en géomorphologie et en géoarchéologie, notamment en M2 PPE. Son enseignement s’étendra également aux SIG et
aux autres outils informatiques appliqués à la géographie.
Y compris les enseignements mutualisés avec le département d’Histoire de l’Art et d’Archéologie…
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A 4-year postdoctoral research position in coastal paleoseismology at the Geological Survey of Belgium
The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Geological Survey of Belgium, Brussels, invites applicants for a 4-year research fellow
(postdoctoral level) in coastal paleoseismology/Quaternary environmental change. Starting date: 1 June 2014.
The successful candidate will work in the framework of a 4-year research project, funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office:
‘QuakeRecNankai’ – Paleo-tsunami and earthquake records of ruptures along the Nankai Trough, offshore South-Central Japan .
The main goal of the QuakeRecNankai project is to generate a long time series of tsunami and megathrust earthquake recurrences, in order to
gain a better understanding of the complex recurrence patterns, both in space and in time…
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HRBA Job Vacancy - Brussels - Belgium
The Future for Religious Heritage, the only European Network of charities, governmental, religious and university
departments, which work to protect religious heritage buildings and interiors across Europe. is looking for a parttime
Communications and Office Assistant, to be based in Brussels
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Conservation Research Scientist for Yale Art Conservation Research Center (USA)
In its continuing effort to support the conservation of cultural property through scientific research and innovation, the Art Conservation
Research Center (ACRC), a part of the Center for Conservation and Preservation at Yale’s West Campus, seeks a full-time scientist to perform
research into the effects of light on museum, library, and archival materials. The research will primarily involve the use and further development
of the micro-fading technique pioneered at the ACRC. The development would include evaluating the limitations of the technique and
establishing protocols for its application to photographic print materials and manuscript inks. Other investigations would explore the chemistry
of light-induced color changes and the dark chemistry of light-sensitive residues in photographic prints. These investigations could become
collaborations with other scientists at Yale, other universities, and museum laboratories. In addition to this laboratory research, this position
will utilize the micro-fading tester to provide diagnostic services, examining Yale collection objects for their vulnerability to light damage. This
position reports to the Director of the Art Conservation Research Center.
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Job Offers - Project Appointment - Associate Project Officer (P1/P2, 80%) - Division of Cultural Objects & Intangible Heritage - Culture
Sector - Paris, HQ - Closing date: 6 March 2014
Under the overall authority of the Chief of the Capacity Building and Heritage Policy Unit and the direct supervision of the concerned Regional
Officer within the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section, and in close cooperation with the relevant Field Offices, the incumbent shall be charged
with the management and implementation of a regional programme in Lusophone African countries, namely Angola, cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau,
Mozambique and Sao Tome et Principe, funded by an earmarked contribution from Norway to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund and within
the framework of the global capacity-building strategy for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through the effective implementation of the
2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage…
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Seeking applications for Estrellita B. Brodsky Curator of Latin American Art - Deadline: 31 March 2014
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s finest museums, seeks a specialist in twentieth- and twenty-firstcentury
art of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. In this respect, the Curator will work
closely with the Chairman and will participate in active research, development, and management of the Modern and
Contemporary collection and the Breuer project, major special exhibitions, initiation of collection displays,
publications and interpretation, and all activities of the Department. Reports to the Chairman of Modern and
Contemporary Art.
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Shelburne Museum

Education Program Summer Assistants

Shelburne Museum

Summer 2014

Founded in 1947 by pioneering collector Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960), Shelburne Museum is one of the nation’s finest and most diverse museums of art, Americana, and design.  Comprised of 38 buildings on 42 acres and housing over 150,000 objects, the Museum is renowned for its Impressionist paintings, folk art, quilts and textiles, decorative arts, American paintings, and horse-drawn vehicles.


The positions run from June 2, 2014 to August 15, 2014. 

In these fast-paced, hands-on program assistant positions successful candidates will work in one or more of several education department programmatic areas: summer camps; family programs and activities; special events; and adult programming.  Program assistants will work as camp counselors, assist with logistical planning, set up, and execution of special day and evening events, and work in the family activity center.  Assistants will be assigned wide-ranging administrative and educational duties. Expect some long days, significant logistical work in preparation for events and on-going public interaction.

Experience and Skills: 

Candidates must be comfortable working with diverse publics.  Experience working with children in academic or informal learning environments – school, camps, museums, etc. — required.  Art-making and instructional experience desired. Previous customer service work experience desired. Friendly, can-do attitude necessary, with good time management skills and ability to successfully juggle multiple responsibilities. Ability to work independently, as well as cooperatively, within the program assistant and education department teams and with staff from across the museum. Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

Current high school – college seniors may apply. Academic experience in studio art, art history, education, museum studies or similar. Valid driver's license required. Ability to lift 35 lbs; ability to walk and stand for significant periods of time.


$9 per hour/ 40 hours per week

Application Process

To apply send brief cover letter, resume, two references, one letter of recommendation, and a list of relevant courses, grades, and overall GPA.  Address application materials to Megan Zinner, HR, Shelburne Museum, P.O. Box 10, Shelburne, VT, 05482.  Please direct questions to Ms. Zinner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Application deadline: February 14, 2014. Finalists will be contacted for interviews during February. 

Department of Art History
Voorhees Hall
71 Hamilton Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
  Phone 848.932.7041
Fax 732.932.1261