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Archaeological Institute of America

April 1, 2016

 Amount: $2,000 - $4,750

Purpose: A scholarship established in honor of AIA Past President Elizabeth Bartman to assist graduate students or those who have recently completed a master’s degree with the expenses associated with participating in a museum internship either in the United States or abroad.

The internship fund is intended to help graduate students, or those who have recently completed a master’s degree, in Archaeology or a related field (e.g., Anthropology, Art History, Classics, History, etc.) meet expenses associated with undertaking a museum internship (minimum duration a summer or semester). Specific projects will vary and might include the following: collection cataloguing, provenance or archival research, exhibition preparation, the writing of labels and/or didactic panels, assisting with websites and presentations in other media, such as audio guides and exhibition videos, and participating more broadly in museum activities, working with conservators, art handlers, designers, and other museum professionals. 

The committee will consider academic achievement, past experience (or lack thereof), and financial need in its deliberations.

AIA scholarships are open to students from all backgrounds. Minority and disadvantaged students are encouraged to apply.

Requirements:  Applicants must be members of the AIA at the time of application; the recipient should remain a member until the end of the internship period. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program in Archaeology or a related field or have recently completed a master’s degree in Archaeology or a related field. Please note that all application materials (including references and transcripts, and the online application form) must be received at the AIA by the April 1 deadline.  Awards are contingent on confirmation of acceptance by a host institution. At the conclusion of the internship tenure, the recipient is required to submit a report on the use of the award to the Chairs of the AIA Fellowships Committee and Museums and Exhibitions Committee.  Within two years of tenure of the internship, the recipient is also expected to submit an abstract to the Program Committee, in order be considered for participation in the AIA Annual Meeting. 

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