30 credits (9 at 600 level)

Two required courses: 6 credits

Four electives in three areas: 12 credits

Internship/Field work component: 6 credits

Thesis project: 6 credits

Proficiency in one foreign language at intermediate level

Two courses are required core courses:

  • Seminar in Cultural Heritage Preservation
  • Development and Preservation in Large Cities: An International Perspective or Historic Preservation in the US: History and Evolution

Four elective courses must be selected from the following general categories:

  • Theoretical/Historical Aspects of Cultural Heritage Preservation
  • Approaches to Managing and Sustaining Cultural Heritage
  • Values, Stakeholders and Custodianship
  • Administration/Ethics and Policy Issues

Courses originating in the Department of Art History and courses anchored in other departments and units can be used to fulfill this requirement. Many courses fill requirements in more than one category. Students choose which category they want a course to satisfy in consultation with their advisor. The internship/fieldwork component is designed in consultation with the advisor and must be approved by the Director of the program.

The foreign language requirement may by fulfilled by providing evidence of successful completion of two years of a foreign language beyond the introductory level or by passing a language exam in any language useful to the student's area of study. Reading courses are available from the various language departments at the university. The exam should be completed by the end of the student's first year.  For more information regarding foreign language exams, please visit:  http://languageinstitute.rutgers.edu/language-labs/student-services/testing/graduate-proficiency-exam

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