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CHAPS courses consider diverse challenges in the study of cultural heritage and preservation, considering issues that are specific to sites, buildings, monuments, and landscape preservation and protection, architectural preservation and conservation, material culture studies, disaster planning and mitigation, historic preservation, cultural resource management, urban heritage, cultural resource law, museology, and digital heritage.


Certificate in Historic Preservation

The Certificate in Historic Preservation (15 credits) is available to Rutgers undergraduate and graduate students. It offers students a theoretical and practical introduction to the fields of cultural heritage and preservation through a combination of coursework and a supervised internship. Certificate students must be “concurrent” students who undertake the program in combination with a Rutgers’ bachelor or graduate degree, for example, in History, Political Science, Art History, Anthropology, or Archaeology. Students from Urban Planning and SEBS also participate.

 The Certificate will be conferred only in conjunction with the awarding a BA or graduate degree in an established department or other degree-granting program of the University.


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Master of Arts in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies

The MA is a two-year degree program (30 credits) that emphasizes the development of a broad understanding of heritage contexts and policies along with development of professional skills. It is open as a stand-alone program to students with a bachelor degree or its equivalent. The program welcomes application from interested students in a variety of majors. Students currently enrolled in graduate programs and wishing to pursue cultural heritage issues as a complementary field are also welcome to apply. Application to the program is competitive.

 A major focus is practical professional experiences, which includes internship or fieldwork experience with an appropriate cultural institution, firm, or governmental agency. Opportunities are available at local, national and international levels, and reflect the student's area of focus, which is determined at the end of the first year. Areas of focus might include: Architectural Preservation; Landscape and Site Preservation; Collections Management, Cultural Resources Preservation/Management; Museum/Heritage Management, Policy and Ethics. A Master's thesis demonstrating the student's ability to design and carry out a research project of significance to cultural heritage preservation is required for completion of the degree.


Current and Past MA Students

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Dual Masters and Doctor of Laws Degree Program

 The School of Law at Newark and CHAPS offer a dual degree program designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in law and cultural heritage and preservation studies. This four-year program leads to a dual MA/LLD degree. The program is targeted to future lawyers, but also students pursuing careers in cultural heritage and preservation studies within governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as in cultural and public service institutions.

 This program includes two and one-half years at the Newark Campus studying Law and one and one-half years at the New Brunswick Campus studying Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies. Students who take advantage of summer offerings in both fields could reasonably finish the dual program in less time.


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 Ph.D. Concentration in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies

This concentration within the Department of Art History PhD program provides candidates with the opportunity to broaden and give depth to their art historical areas of specialization through the exploration of cross-disciplinary and global approaches to the analysis of monuments, sites and works of art within the context of cultural heritage and preservation studies (12 credits).

 The CHAPS concentration is a complement for all the fields of specialization currently offered in the Department of Art History. Students are encouraged to think broadly and cross-culturally, and to integrate relevant theory and practice into their art historical research, writing, and teaching.Students combine Art Historical expertise with the challenges, politics, and ethics of cultural heritage and preservation studies to produce critical and innovative research that is situated across an intersection of disciplinary traditions.


Current and Past PH.d Students

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