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  • Ishmael Beah (UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador)
    author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier and Radiance of Tomorrow, A Novel
  • Jyoti Hosagrahar, Director, Sustainable Urbanism International GSAPP, Columbia University, New York, and Bangalore &
    UNESCO Chair Professor in Culture, Habitat, and Sustainable Development Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bangalore


Panel 1

  • Zaire Dinzey-Flores (Sociology, Rutgers University)
    Picturing Neighborhoods through Race and Class (Puerto Rico and Brooklyn)
  • Yue Zhang (University of Illinois, Chicago - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
    Beyond the “Slum”: Informal Housing and Urban Heritage in Rio de Janeiro
  • Jeff Soule (American Planning Association)
    The Historic Urban Landscape: Application and Promotion

Panel 2

  • Andrea Parker (Executive Director, Gowanus Canal Conservancy, Brooklyn)
    Gowanus: Finding Balance between Clean and Gentrified
  • Susana B. Adamo (The Earth Institute, Columbia University)
    Impact of Climate Change: Migration & Cities in South America
  • Robin Leichenko (Professor and Chair of Geography at Rutgers University)
    Climate change in suburbs: Exploring the interplay between global change processes and urban spatial development (coastal zones in NJ, NY, and the Caribbean)

Panel 3

  • Filip De Boeck (Professor of Anthropology, Univ. of Leuven, Belgium)
    Promises of the Past: The various (after)lives of Congo's urban infrastructure
  • Omar Nagati (Architect and Urban Planner, Cairo, Egypt)
    Public Spaces as a Site of Contestation and Negotiation: Examples of CLUSTER’s projects in Cairo, 2012-2015
  • Mona el-Hallak (Architect and Preservation Activist, Beirut, Lebanon)
    Beirut Between Heritage Preservation and Amnesia

Panel 4

  • Mela Zuljevic (Director - Abart Mostar)
    (Re)collecting Mostar
  • Vikas Mehta (School of Planning, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati)
    The Street: A Quintessential Social Space
  • Amy Mills (University of South Carolina, Geography)
    Historical Cultural Geopolitics of Urban Identities and Urban Heritage in Istanbul 

Panel 5

  • Charletta Ayers, MD (Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)
    Cultural Competencies in Global Health: "Through the Eye of a NGO" 
  • Priscillia Kounkou Hoyveda (Human Rights Lawyer, Now AfriCAN)
    Shifting cities - shifting lives: the social impact on children and   youth moving to cities.
  • Mary Curran (Rutgers Graduate School of Education)
    Community-based Education Opportunities in Urban Settings

Panel 6            

  • Tim Raphael (Founding Director, Center for Migration and Global City,  Rutgers)                                               
    “The Newest Americans” Digital Magazine and Documentary Films
  • Angel Nieves (Hamilton College, Digital Humanities)               
    Virtual Heritage Preservation: New Media Practices for Difficult and Lost Histories of the African Diaspora
  • Rianne Dekker (Department of Sociology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
    Ethnic Identification in Online Communication: Interethnic, Intra-ethnic and Transnational Contact of Second-generation Migrant Youth


Roundtable 1

  • Brian Daniels (Penn Cultural Heritage Center)
  • Corine Wegener (Smithsonian Institution)
  • Mohamad Alsiadi (Rutgers, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights)
  • Christine Boyer (Princeton)
  • Malek Jandali (Pianist and Composer, 2014 Global Music Humanitarian Award)
  • Samir Abdulac (Chair, ICOMOS Working Group for the safeguarding of cultural heritage in Syria and Iraq; Vice-President, ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Historic Towns and Villages)

Roundtable 2    

  • Gloria Bonilla-Santiago - Community Leadership Center, Camden
  • Natasha O. Fletcher - Associate Director of the Center for Urban Research and Education (CURE) Camden
  • Jeremiah Bergstrom - Water Resources Program, Rutgers
  • Jake Archer - Camden Safe Streets Coalition Task Force


  • Ken Taylor, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University (Panel 1)
  • Eric Davis, Rutgers Political Science ( Roundtable 1)
  • Kate John-Alder, Rutgers Landscape Architecture (Panel 2)
  • Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi, Rutgers Anthropology (Panel 3)
  • Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer, CHAPS (Panel 4)
  • Robert Lake, Rutgers Bloustein (Roundtable 2)
  • Karen O’Neill, Rutgers, Sociology (Panel 5)
  • Marija Dalbello, Rutgers School of Communication and Information (Panel 6)
  • Joëlla van Donkersgoed, CHAPS (Wrap-up session)


  • Melissa Frost, Princeton University School of Architecture (Panel 1)
  • Jean Marie Hartman, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture (Panel 2)
  • Jody Neal-Segergren, Rutgers University (Roundtable 1)
  • Edna Bonhomme, Princeton University Department of History (Panel 3)
  • Emily L. Spratt, CHAPS (Panel 4)
  • Allan Zaretsky, NYC Planning Department (Roundtable 2)
  • Donne Serbe-Davis, CHAPS (Panel 5)
  • Anabelle Rodriguez, CHAPS (Panel 6)

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